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The stunning variety of distinctive cuisines available in Bali, be it Indonesian, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and so much more, makes this resort island a nirvana for foodies. With a snowballing quantity of restaurants to choose from, the intrepid bon vivant can find many different cuisines. From local eatery to fine dining, there is something to please every palate and every purse. To ease your search, our Dining Guide offers several sections from Cuisine to Neighborhood to Other info. Looking for a bottle of Wine in your area, check our Wine Guide! Bon Appètit!


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Food & Beverage Events

The F&B event page contains upcoming workshop, cooking class, food festival, wine tasting dinner, a 4-hand collaboration with top chefs, and other types of events covering current trends and new findings in the industry. We keep you updated with what, when and where it’s happening!


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Foodie's Notes

People who love food always favor more dining choices. Well-prepared, tasty, good home cooking that makes you glad you stepped out of your own kitchen. For foodies like us, it’s the ultimate dream: checking out the latest gourmet trends, the newest destinations, the best value-for-money offers, introducing a Chef and above all, sharing the experience. Sense the flavors, perceive the food & feel the vibe before digging in! Hopefully, our notes will have you slobber and dare for new experiences.


Dine & Wine Bali Restaurant Guide Spotlight Si Jin Korean Barbecue


In this section, we spotlight the know-how activity of the F&B industry, whether for a small warung offering fresh and tasty food, a good value-for-money in a 5-star hotel's restaurant, a new product on the market, or simply a dish that moved us and who deserves our / your attention. Featuring stories about chefs, an attractive concept and other culinary news.


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