Foodie's Notes

  • A Mediterranean Affair

    With an ambiance of relaxed, comfortable elegance, Ona Eatery Canggu’s concept fuses deeply rooted Mediterranean culinary traditions with the excitement of contemporary wanderlust. Using time-honored classic techniques and modern methods, Italian Chef Daniele Taddeo showcases a true coastal and cultural mosaic of cuisines, highlighted by the home-garden spices & herbs, in a convivial and casual atmosphere.

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  • An Upscale Culinary Experience

    Ubud is well-known for being the artistic hub of Bali so it’s no surprise that it has become the destination for epicurean. After all, chefs are artists, isn’t it? Many restaurants up there reach the fine dining division, a pure delight for foodies playing in the neighbourhood. Apéritif Restaurant & Bar at the Viceroy is definitely playing in that category. Offering an upscale contemporary global cuisine, the menu crafted by Belgian Chef Nic Vanderbeeken will delight any gourmet. The décor, set in a 1920’s scenery, might be retro but the cuisine, is a modern Indo-European fusion.

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  • Indonesian State-of-Art Cuisine

    Everyone accustomed with Indonesian haute cuisine knows or has heard of chef-owner Mandif Warokka, one of a few to served traditional dishes, prepared and presented in a contemporary and Michelin-star way. Despite the à la carte option it is highly recommended to go for the Adiboga, the chef degustation menu, be it 7 or 9-course. The beverage pairing is optional but to ease your evening do not pass on it.

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  • A Mountain of Sustainability

    Ijen at Potato Head Beach Club is committed to not only protecting the planet by following a zero-waste philosophy but also serve 100% locally sourced ingredients while they’re at it. They are sourcing hand-reeling caught seafood mainly, and locally-grown fruits & vegetables [...] In addition, all food waste is sent to their composting site or pigs farm nearby. A notable effort to duck carbon footprint to the max.

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  • When Tokyo Met Paris in Canggu

    Tokyo Meets Paris set dinner, at Indigo Canggu, offered Japanese-French fusion dishes with surprising, simple and flavourful components, taking the tradition and heritage of Japanese gastronomy and mixing it with modern European cooking techniques, creating a world-class dining experience. They also provided a fabulous list of first-class sakes, an assembly of premium local and imported wines, with a well-rounded list by the glass, to pair with the food.

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