Foodie's Notes

  • A Mountain of Sustainability

    Ijen at Potato Head Beach Club is committed to not only protecting the planet by following a zero-waste philosophy but also serve 100% locally sourced ingredients while they’re at it. They are sourcing hand-reeling caught seafood mainly, and locally-grown fruits & vegetables [...] In addition, all food waste is sent to their composting site or pigs farm nearby. A notable effort to duck carbon footprint to the max.

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  • When Tokyo Met Paris in Canggu

    Tokyo Meets Paris set dinner, at Indigo Canggu, offered Japanese-French fusion dishes with surprising, simple and flavourful components, taking the tradition and heritage of Japanese gastronomy and mixing it with modern European cooking techniques, creating world-class dining experience. They also provided a fabulous list of first-class sakes, an assembly of premium local and imported wines, with a well-rounded list by the glass, to pair with the food.

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  • The Hidden Paradise of Jimbaran

    Bali is not Ibiza, and Ibiza is not Bali, but Ibiza in Bali has accomplished the tour de force to blend the best of both, creating a classy beach club with a Hispanic atmosphere in the charming thus not popular area of Jimbaran. The Balearic-inspired venue with its elegant high-ceilinged white interior with mezzanine, a glass pool with swim-up bar overlooking the clear water beach and its colourful fishing boats, gives a true Spanish experience, perfect for couples and groups alike looking for a relaxing day with foodie’s extravagance at the beach.

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  • "The Diamonds of Périgord"

    Taking part in Goût de France | Good France, a gourmet festival held across the globe to celebrate French gastronomy, Mozaic Restaurant hosted, Thursday, March 21, a Black Truffle Dinner, using the legendary Périgord fungus on every course, from amuse-bouches to dessert. [...] First thing first. Mozaic’s legendary Chouquette with Truffle cream, a glass of Champagne Blanc de Blanc with 2 amuses-bouches;

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  • No missed steaks!

    [...] So! Choosing a steak, I was saying. Some like it as soft as butter, others with a denser texture, with crispy fat or devoid of it, rare, medium-rare or medium, beyond will be in crime, stick to chicken then. Before, ordering a steak was simple. Tenderloin or sirloin for instance. Now, more and more, we see dry-aged beef on menus, be it for steaks or burgers. What is dry-aged? Does it really make a difference in the matter of taste and texture? As the cost is generally higher, is it really worth it?

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