Dip, Sip, Feast with Mrs Sippy

MRS SIPPY - Seminyak Petitenget

With all the nightlife going on, breakfast often just happens at lunchtime. Bali is a brunch kind of place but rarely on Saturdays. And since we are on a tropical island, the best place to brunch is near the water, isn’t it?

Mrs Sippy's Saltwater Pool

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Mrs Sippy yet, the place lends itself to some great parties, but not only. Its Saturday’s Brunch is not to miss out. Situated in a back alley of Petitenget, offering one of the largest saltwater pool with a 2-level diving platform, the Mediterranean style design invites for some great laziness on any given day. But let’s focus on their Saturday’s brunch for now.

A Dive Before the Feast

If you’re going to make a day out of your brunch, this is the way to start. Come a bit early to relax in the sunshine, on a large day bed, to the sound of some 70’s classics, sip some champagne or cocktails and after a swim and a few dives, head over to the restaurant for an extravagant meal. Our waitress was really gracious and helpful, and after making a few suggestions, we started with a round of Bloody Mary. Just the way I like it, spicy, tangy, robust.

First dish to be served, The Crumpets with fresh strawberries basted with lemon juice, strawberry coulis and homemade whipped cream, slightly sweet and smooth. This treat is midway between pancake and English muffin, full of holes, perfect for collecting rivulets of the red fruit pulp or melting butter. After all, it supposed to be breakfast too.

Left: Bloody Mary | Right: The Crumpets

Instead of fruit salad, we picked the Frozen Bowl, in coconut shell, with red fruit yoghurt made of raspberry, blueberry & strawberry, topped with slices of sweet mango, banana, chunk of strawberry and coconut flakes. A very good mise en bouche.

Frozen Bowl

To start on savoury, a salad or seafood is always adequate. My foodie acolyte began with the Quinoa Salad with a lemon-olive oil dressing, avocado, chick peas, cherry tomato, a bit of coriander and a poached egg atop. Light and refreshing. I chose the Butterfish Tartare with cucumber, citrus, fennel & basil. When I see butterfish on a menu, I can’t help but to go for it. This is one of the most matchless fish in terms of taste and texture. Soft, milky, with a nutty finish, and, to my opinion, better raw than cooked. Some perfect appetizers while we finished our first round. Garçon! La meme chose s’il vous plait!

Quinoa Salad

Butterfish Tartare

We then decided to share the coming dishes. The impeccably Grilled Prawn in a bun, mixed with coleslaw, a dash of lemon, moistened by a spicy sauce, was a lovely combination. The kick of the sauce, landing right after the grilled aftertaste of the prawn, softened by the slaw, will satisfy many. The Croque-Madame, a classic French ham-and-cheese sandwich, was spot on. A generous serving of prosciutto (not so traditional…), béchamel sauce & Emmental cheese, in between 2 toasts topped with a sunny side up egg, served with rucola for a garden-fresh finish. A good chef, or should I say every chef, should master the béchamel, one of the five mother sauces. It was rich, creamy and pale-colored like it has to be. If you are on a diet, maybe not the best choice. But if your waist size is not a priority, finger licking good stuff.

Grilled Prawn in a Bun


Then came the Pulled Pork on French Toast, using a golden brioche soaked in milk, then in beaten eggs and then fried. Not the usual but a fabulous blend. The pork shoulder cooked for hours with honey, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar and the chef secret ingredients is then slightly barbecued while basted with the cooking jus pre-reduced and seasoned with cinnamon & cloves. What a delicacy!

Pulled Pork on French Toast

Last in our order was the Banana Flour Waffle with Oats Crumbed Chicken & Maple Syrup. A strange mixture but I have to admit it works just fine. The waffles - grain, gluten, nut and dairy free- were delicious. The pounded chicken was so tender, I didn't even need a knife to eat it! Great idea to use oats instead of standard bread crumbs!

Banana Flour Waffle with Oats Crumbed Chicken

We had no space for dessert but it seems that the Flan with Berry Jam and the Crêpe with Banana, Nutella & Almonds will be a perfect brunch ending for the sweet lovers. For us it was straight to the shade of the cabana for a well-deserved nap, to regain energy for the upcoming sunset dance music.

by wlw - 2017.07.17

Average Check: IDR400.000++/person

(Brunch all-you-can-eat; excluding beverages)

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