A Mediterranean Affair

ONA Eatery Canggu

With an ambiance of relaxed, comfortable elegance, Ona Eatery Canggu’s concept fuses deeply rooted Mediterranean culinary traditions with the excitement of contemporary wanderlust. Using time-honored classic techniques and modern methods, Italian Chef Daniele Taddeo showcases a true coastal and cultural mosaic of cuisines, highlighted by the home-garden spices & herbs, in a convivial and casual atmosphere.

The immaculate open-air interior takes diners, in no time, to southern Europe, on any meridional's coast. Thanks to the layout of the restaurant, the semi-open kitchen, behind its large window, is visible from most of the dining area. If you are close enough (and curious like me), you will be able to witness some of the unique ways that are used to prepare these Mediterranean’s fare.

Amuse-bouches creation by Chef Daniele Taddeo

As soon as your order is placed, some amuse-bouches are offered. Chef Daniele's creativity is well emphasized here. On that day, we have been served with Smoked Mackerel Choux, Laksa leaf; a Beetroot Cracker with Sour Cream, Candied Beetroots & Coriander; and the surprising Pizza Cracker topped with Burrata Cream, Spicy Tomato Gel, Black Olive Powder and Basil. Fantastic mise-en-bouches, all better presented than the other!

The variety of the menu is a perfect blend of Mediterranean delicacies. We started with the Roasted Pumpkin Truffle Salad. Baked then lightly torched, the squash loses a bit of its sweetness but gained in smokiness, blending beautifully with the watercress pesto and the truffle vinaigrette. For a pure palate refreshment, nothing better than the Andalusian Gazpacho! One of the most delightful I had in Bali. Highly recommended!

Roasted Pumpkin Truffle Salad

Andalusian Gazpacho

For main course, we opted for the Pan-seared Grouper. Moist and the inside and firm on the outside. The green papaya brings a touch of freshness to the green curry sauce, elevated by the nutty curry leaves. As a carnivore and could not help but to go for the Grilled Wagyu Onglet Steak. Onglet, also known as hanger steak, is a full-flavored cut of beef that is often compared to rib-eye in taste but somewhat tastier. Maybe because that cut is technically an offal. Taken from between the rib and loin, marbled with fat, it bastes itself from within when cooked and done right (medium-rare to medium and no longer!). The Roasted Red Capsicum enhances the beef with abundant vibrancy and a certain complexity. Everything literally melt-in-your-mouth.

Pan-seared Grouper

Grilled Wagyu Onglet Steak

Wild Raspberry Tart, fermented Rosella Arak

Chef Taddeo offered us, in exclusivity, his take on the Wild Raspberry Tart, basted with fermented Rosella Arak. A very well-balanced dessert between the sweetness of the red fruits, the zesty lemon curd, the crispy sablée dough, and the light kick of the infused arak. What a treat to end a meal! Soon to be on the menu, be patient.­

Following an edict of perfect simplicity, to preserve each ingredient’s distinct flavor, Chef Daniele Taddeo is taking great pride in serving delicious and gorgeous food, while the service team is offering exceptional hospitality. A genuine Mediterranean affair making you feel like a special guest in this charming venue.

Ona's Chef Daniele Taddeo

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Andaluzian Gazpacho | Grilled Wagyu Onglet Steak

Average Check: IDR300.000++ per person
(starter, main, dessert - excluding beverages)

Jalan Subak Sari 13,
Berawa - Canggu

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