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  • No missed steaks!

    [...] So! Choosing a steak, I was saying. Some like it as soft as butter, others with a denser texture, with crispy fat or devoid of it, rare, medium-rare or medium, beyond will be in crime, stick to chicken then. Before, ordering a steak was simple. Tenderloin or sirloin for instance. Now, more and more, we see dry-aged beef on menus, be it for steaks or burgers. What is dry-aged? Does it really make a difference in the matter of taste and texture? As the cost is generally higher, is it really worth it?

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  • Tasting wine alone is good, tasting together is even better!

    [...] Recently, we have been invited for a Wine Appreciation Class at the Hatten Cellardoor in Sanur. Beside the Wine Lifestyle Boutique offering free wine tasting 7 days a week (Yes, FREE!), the building offers a 14 seats private dining room where you can pre-order a lunch or dinner wine pairing menus, a classroom, a meeting room for training theatre or classroom style with a capacity of 30 seats and, a beautiful atrium that can cater for up to 60 people. But let’s talk about the wines.

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  • Makan Yuk!

    Living in one of the largest, if not the largest archipelago of the planet, one could think it’s easy finding a variety of local cuisines at every corner of the streets. Nay. At least not in Bali. I found it extremely difficult to catch an Indonesian restaurant offering more than the everlasting nasi goreng, ayam goreng or lalapan, sop buntut among many.

    Well, it’s with pure delight that we found Liap Liap. As we strolled in Ubud, a delightful BBQ flavour took my nostrils by storm, filling up my stomach with butterflies, dragging me in.

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  • Ubud’s New Vegetarianism & Veganism Heaven!

    Bali has something for everyone's dietary needs, from the paleo, to gluten-free, to the vegetarian, and the vegan. Ubud is a pioneer of the vegetarian and vegan dining scene. While the “hippie” vegetarian restaurant might be a thing of the past, chefs and serious restaurateurs have embraced the concept, bringing thoughtful and well-crafted dishes that would stand up to any top-notch restaurant in the island. [...] That being said, it’s time to tell Dumbo Wood Fired Italian Food’s story.

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  • Global but Local Artistic Cuisine

    A bit lazy, I must admit, to go to Jimbaran for dinner, as we live in Canggu area, we made an exception, learning that Cuca’s Chef Kevin had changed most of the menu, bringing a lot of novelties while keeping some of the most popular dishes. With all the same dynamism, Cuca really hasn’t changed much in the past five years since it opened, still blowing off the roof of Bali’s culinary scene as one of the most innovative table of the island.

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