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  • Succumb to Sweets Temptations!

    Who said that being gourmand was a bad thing? Surely someone who knows not Poule de Luxe. Here, sweets are king! Beautiful, elegant, addictive, chic, and indulgent; no, I am not describing pearls, diamonds, or red lipstick. Add "yummy” to this list, and it should now be clear that Macarons and Choux à la Crème are the topics here. the topic here. But first, let’s talk about macarons, or should we be more specific and say Parisian’s macarons! Many might think that macarons and macaroons are the same, in fact, not. Aside from both being delightful and very close in spelling, macarons...

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  • Wonders of Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

    I’m a firm believer that food is art, this is particularly evident in Japanese cuisine. Meticulous presentation and flavor combination. If you want to experience just how beautiful a meal could be, go to Indigo, the latest Japanese restaurant in Berawa Canggu. Step inside and the intimate experience begins immediately. As its name stand, the main color of the interior is the blue indigo cherish by Nippon culture. In Japanese, the rich blue shade is referred to “ai-iro”, which translates to “Indigo color” or “color of love” which you can feel all around. From the Shibori patchwork...

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  • Musubi - Modern Japanese Kitchen

    Musubi is unquestionably a new flair of Asian bistro, offering fun and inventive interpretations of Japanese-Pan Asian-fusion cuisine. With an urban decor of Japanese and European influence, the interior is very bright with minimalist furniture, for a warm and cosy style. Authentically inauthentic dishes - twisted by the young, extremely gifted and innovative Chef Rui Yamagishi - are displaying a new culinary world in Bali and more especially in Canggu-Berawa. Fresh and artfully presented...

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  • La Dolce Vita in Petitenget!

    Drawing on Capri’s heritage, Da Maria turns out as an elegant Italian-inspired 60’s classic courtyard restaurant of The Amalfi Coast with a modern touch. Located at the top of Jalan Petitenget, the latest creation of Australian Restaurateur Maurice Terzini, in collaboration with Adrian Reed from Motel Mexicola, is the new kid on the block to the busy street, helping the area to become a top food destination and a neighborhood hit for cocktails.No need to consult with a wardrobe stylist when prepping for a classy date night at Da Maria. Just come as you are - neat tough, as always! -, slide into an orange leather banquette and let the undulating lighting, the sound of the...

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  • A Culinary Escape to Tahiti!

    It is now notorious that Batu Bolong is the new hip quarter in Bali. In the last few months, plenty of new eateries opened up, to the enchantment of food lovers. From vegan paradise to burger joint, one can find something in line with their culture, philosophy and diet. A recent addition to the international gastronomy features Mai Tai, offering genuine Polynesian specialities. The cuisine of Tahiti is universally renowned for its raw fish and exotic fruits & vegetables which are prepared with a Polynesian influence, a touch of French flair, and a hint of Chinese inspiration. Located in Jalan Batu Mejan, the street leading to Echo Beach, Mai Tai has indoor and outdoor...

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