The Hidden Paradise of Jimbaran

Ibiza in Bali

Bali is not Ibiza, and Ibiza is not Bali, but Ibiza in Bali has accomplished the tour de force to blend the best of both, creating a classy beach club with a Hispanic atmosphere in the charming thus not popular area of Jimbaran. The Balearic-inspired venue with its elegant high-ceilinged white interior with mezzanine, a glass pool with swim-up bar overlooking the clearwater beach and its colourful fishing boats, gives a true Spanish experience, perfect for couples and groups alike looking for a relaxing day with foodie’s extravagance at the beach.

Beachfront interior Ibiza's style

On our way there, with on and off showers we were slightly apprehensive that the beach club might be a little exposed to the elements on that day. However, Ibiza in Bali is more than prepared for the rainfall, with a lavish interior dining area. As we stepped through the entrance, the sun broke the clouds so we decided to start our day in one of the cosy cabanas around the pool.

I Love Vegetables and Barong Blessing Cocktail

With the sun now heating up, a refreshing cocktail was indispensable. We tried the Signature Cocktail, Barong Blessing, made of Infused Vodka with Ginger, Homemade Vanilla Rosella Syrup, Lemongrass, Strawberry Liquor, Sugarcane Juice and Strawberry Juice. Perfect start to cool-down, biting into the crunchy vegetables stick dunk into the appetizing dips of Beetroot Hummus, Guacamole, Tartare Sauce and the addictive Romesco sauce, made of charred tomatoes and roasted red peppers, puréed and thickened with toasted almonds and bread. Me gusto mucho! The groovy and creative presentation will have you say: ” I Love Vegetables! “, and not only for the virtuosity of the plating, but you can feel that each single chosen ingredients are picked and prepared with love.

For our lunch, we then sat inside, at one of the family style table accommodating 4 to 6 persons. On the menu, you can find genuine gourmet pleasure from modern tapas to the ultimate traditional Spanish food, including Iberico ham, Gambas al Ajillo, several Paellas, and, an Asian corner with the Wok selection. Every dishes are served to be shared easily, for everyone to dig-in/steal from each other plates and taste all the flavours bite after bite. After ordering food we sat back admiring the view and the impressive plates of tapas, seafood and other delights passing by, increasing our appetite for what was to come.

Yellowfin Tuna Tataki & Tartare

King Calamari

The Yellowfin Tuna Tataki is more than a melting lightly seared and served rare tuna, it’s coupled with a Tuna Tartare elevated with ginger, garlic, Teriyaki sauce and olive oil, and one complemented well the other. The most surprising in that plate was the Wakame Salad, with its delicate flavour. Salty, slightly sweet and a reminiscent of fresh oysters, blending beautifully with the Black Sesame Ice Cream. Black sesame seeds may be tiny, but they pack a flavourful punch, acting as a perfect palate cleanser.

If you’re a seafood lover, then this dish is for you. The King Calamari! Take some baby squid stuffed with king crab, caramelized onion purée, soya & chive, baked slowly to perfect colour and tenderness, et voila! A return ticket to Ibiza in each mouthful. The highlight of this dish was the vinaigrette with toasted nuts enhanced with Ibiza’s Maldon Salt Flakes, giving the dish a delicious iodized and nutty kick, winning out in authenticity and deliciousness.

Chicken Coco-Curry

More Indian than Spaniard I guess, the Chicken Coco-Curry was wonderful. The deboned chicken legs marinated in garlic, ginger & lemongrass are slow-cooked sous-vide for 12 hours, resulting in juicy-tender meat. Creamy and rich with a subtle flavour, the spiciness of the green curry together with the coconut foam is a successful combination, brilliantly executed.

Chef Ruben Orti's tribute to Bali, Sweet Taste of Bali

I was more than satiated by this point and much in need of jumping into the pool before a well-deserved siesta. But no. Our waitress brought, to our astonishment, a dessert, gracious courtesy of the Chef. But not any dessert, one of his creation. Not even on the menu. Sweet Taste of Bali he named it. It was a kind of Créme Catalane infused with ginger, crowned with Salty Caramel Nest, encircled by Jackfruit Marmalade, Lime Yoghurt, Orange Gastrique and Spicy Chocolate. I feel overcome by the taste again just in typing those words. I’m a chocolate and spicy food lover, so the combination of both, fused with all the other elements, was absolutely divine to me. Creamy, fruity, crunchy and spicy, all in one.

Catalan Chef Ruben Orti distils hearty Spanish traditional cuisine with a funky approach, selecting the best local produces, together with many imported directly from Spain, to get the most authentic flavours of the Iberian Peninsula. As a whole day experience, Ibiza in Bali comes with my highest recommendation. A hidden paradise with fantastic food, sun-worshipping, stunning service and true Mediterranean beach club vibes. An amazing venue any day of the week. Gracias a todos. ¡FUNtástico!

by wlw - 2019.04.25

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Yellowfin Tuna Tataki | Sweet Taste of Bali

Average Check: IDR450.000++ per person
(starter - main - dessert - excluding beverages)

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