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Are you a restaurateur or wine shop owner and want to be part of our community?

  • Connect & Engage with myriad of potential new customers.
  • Get many features including your venue details, image gallery, map, etc.
  • Promote your venue and F&B events to thousands, through our social media platforms.

A way to communicate well with your customers. To offer a promotion, or to create an event, is good; that customers know of it, it's better!


  1. Diners surf the net before coming to you ... helps them to meet you!
  2. How? Simply by posting on our site a comprehensive insight of your restaurant, showing beautiful pictures, unique description, examples of starters, main courses, desserts... sparking internet users, your customers, to come to visit your venue.
  3. Easy to use and accessible from everywhere as long as you are online. But we are working on our app, so stay tuned!
  4. It’s a great way to be (re)discovered and share your latest menu to clients for a better understanding and accuracy of your offering.
  5. Get exposure and traffic, having potential customers learning more about you and connect with you directly.

What do you get?

Full Description
The more you can tell a customer about your concept, the more likely they are to visit you.

Images Gallery
Images not only help customers connect with your business, they also help you get found more easily in online searches.

Multiple Categories
Each concept is different. Not 2 restaurants offer the same services. Choose among various cuisine, neighbourhood, price range and many other options.

Your Wine Offer
For many, wine’s choice is an important part of their dining experience and criteria to select a venue. We have 3 options for a better understanding of your offer:

  1. Sommelier
  2. Extensive - numerous origins around the world and multiple origins by the glass
  3. Limited - mainly local origin and only local wine selection by the glass

Show customers where you are and how to get to you.

Sharing Shortcut
Users are able to share your venue or event page on their favourites social media platform or directly to their friends via WhatsApp.

Social Media Promotion
Besides being listed here, we promote your business on our social media platform and offer many solutions for your venue to be better exposed.

... and many more features!

Engaging with DINEANDWINEBALI.COM is low-cost and simple. Contact us now, to set up an appointment with our team.

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