Live Essences - Nourish | Boost | Energize

Live Essences wellness shots are 100% chemical-free, made with blends of herbs, fruit and wild roots rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All ingredients are matched to complement and reinforce their specific properties and to maximise their overall bio-availability.

We have created blends to provide outcomes such as nourished and energized body, balanced intestinal health, strengthened immune system or to slow aging.

ESSENCES BENEFITS Natural Probiotic / Improves Microbiota / Digestive System / Enhances Bioavailability / Blood Purifier / PH Levels / Anti-Depressant / Immune Boost / Natural Antibiotic / Lactic Acids / Phenolic / Antioxidant / Cell Rejuvenation / Reduces Stress / Anti-Aging / Libido

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