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Landriati Pramoedji. Founder and CEO of the company, Landriati is Indonesian, born and raised in Germany, where she acquired a banking diploma and developed her creative skills through her passion in art. During her studies, Landriati worked in the restaurant industry & event management and felt in love with it. After 10 years of banking career as a stock exchange broker, she decided to be a freelancer in hospitality and event management. Experienced on events and backstage work for several multinational companies, her organization and professional skills grabbed the attention of Mercedes/AMG group, who took her onboard, to become the youngest Catering Manager of the ITC Racing Team 1996. After staying over 30 years in Europe she decided to come back to her motherland, Indonesia, in 1997.

She carried on with the event industry in Jakarta handling numerous projects and fairs exhibition for German institutions like Goethe Institute or DAAD, before moving to Bali in 2008. Gaining solid understanding of the daily needs of the industry in Indonesia, with its diversity of working culture, Landriati copes very well in bridging & communicating between the West and East working culture.

Working in various restaurant in Bali, as Marketing Manager and Restaurant Manager, was a significant opportunity to share her skills and acquire more savoir-faire in diverse departments.

Landriati's creative approach and hospitality's knowledge are major assets for any restaurant wishing to reach success within Bali Tourism Industry.


Restaurant Management & Marketing Solutions
Founded and based in Bali, Indonesia, Dine & Wine Bali (DWB) is a privately held provider of management and marketing solutions for the restaurant industry, each customized to fit our clients’ unique needs. DWB team members accumulate more than 40 years’ experience in F&B industry from Europe to Asia. In Bali for more than a decade we have helped many venues to adapt to the latest trend. All our services are value-engineered and custom-built to help our clients ensure that their brand is strengthened, their individual culture is respected, and the experience of their guests enhanced. Our success depends on your success. And we make that happen.

Marketing & Beyond
Struggling with how to promote your restaurant? Looking to expand your client base and increase customer engagement? Marketing success is truly only defined by the execution of a strategic, integrated plan. It’s not about spontaneity or last-minute promotions, nor is it about running endless ads, but the best restaurant strategies are born from a solid, comprehensive Marketing Action Plan that is proactive, creative, varied, and tied to a budget – and a calendar.

Operational Management
We have been restaurant operators and managers ourselves so when we work with you, the advice and strategies we offer are tried-and-tested from our own experiences. However, we know that no two restaurants or food and beverage service businesses are the same, so when we work with you, we evaluate your restaurant top-to-bottom, inside-and-out, to find the best strategies for the management of your restaurant.

Food & Beverage Management
Your menu is your NUMBER ONE marketing tool. We offer a number of support options to help you update your menu to improve profitability, presentation and guest experience. DWB will work with you and your team to develop a menu concept that suits your vision and your guest expectations.

Photography Services
Did you know you only have 3 seconds to capture your customer’s attention? Is there anything more enticing than pictures of perfectly prepared food? Our delicious photos will get your customers’ mouths watering before they’ve even ordered. We take fresh, tempting and tasty photos that are perfect for advertising, menus, restaurant signage and product packaging, all with the quality to ensure that your food gets the attention it deserves. You have a special event and want to share it with the whole world? Let’s shoot!

Bali Live Stage Entertainment
Are you looking for some mind-blowing entertainment for your live event? A great live act can be the lifeline of any event. Bali Live Stage (BLS) will help you set the stage for Grand opening or to create a regular event with music genre and concept that match your venue. Be it Jazz, Rock, Soul, Indie... or even djs, we provide professional musicians and top-notch sound system. We have you covered. Let’s play out loud!

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