Read more about our food reviews and culinary experiences of selected restaurants in our Foodie's Notes, Dine & Stay, and En Route, or get to know about unique personas behind some of the most famous venues on the island at Bali HotShotz.

  • Foodie's Notes

    People who love food always favor more dining choices. Well-prepared, tasty, good home cooking that makes you glad you stepped out of your own kitchen. For foodies like us, it’s the ultimate dream: checking out the latest gourmet trends, the newest destinations, the best value-for-money offers, introducing a Chef and above all, sharing the experience of Bali's Best Restaurants. Sense the flavors, perceive the food & feel the vibe before digging in! Hopefully, our notes will have you slobber and dare for new experiences.

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  • Dine & Stay

    As you know, we are passionate about unearthing, and sharing, new experiences. Dine & Stay showcases the best establishments to combine a top-notch culinary experience with an upscale night from various resorts or villas. From boutique hotels to 5-star estates, there are many places to rest your head after, or before, enjoying a sumptuous meal.

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  • En Route

    In this section, we spotlight the know-how activity of the F&B industry, whether for a small warung offering fresh and tasty food, a good value-for-money in a 5-star hotel's restaurant, a new product on the market, or simply a dish that moved us and who deserves our / your attention. En Route features stories about an attractive concept and other culinary news from Bali's best restaurants.

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  • Bali Hotshotz

    Introducing Chefs and Sommeliers in Bali, Restaurant Managers, and talented key players from the hospitality industry, Bali Hotshotz offers an up-close insight into these unique personas behind some of the most famous venues on the island, sharing their thoughts, innovations, and creations. Be inspired by their unique approach.

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