An Indonesian culinary journey through vegan cuisine

When it comes to Indonesian cuisine, it is pretty challenging to find an upscale restaurant delivering
the authentic savours of the archipelago. Desa Potato Head’s latest venue, Tanaman, a plant-based
restaurant, reflects Indonesia’s historical culinary culture, which is heavily connected to Mother Earth.
Every single dish is cooked with local and organic ingredients sourced in Bali. Chef Wayan and his team
are doing an outstanding job in (re)creating an Indonesian culinary journey through vegan cuisine, playing
with the versatility of roots, pulses, fruits and fungi.

Rendang Nangka - Photo courtesy of Desa Potato Head - Tanaman

The sharing set menu comprises of 11 dishes, from snacks to dessert, plus sambals and condiments.
Emblematic street food like Batagor - a traditional West Javanese fried dumpling usually made with
mackerel - has been turned into “Bajagor”- 4 crispy dumplings filled with field mushroom farce, with
peanut & sweet soy sauce on the side. Indonesia’s national dish Rendang is made with jackfruit instead
of beef. This dish is amazing, to say the least. You might be confused, when reading this, knowing that
Jackfruit has an intense fragrance and flavour but prepared Rendang style, the texture is “meaty”,
the taste so authentic, and on top of it, you can feel the grandma's cooking style in this Rendang Nangka.
The whole set menu is out of this world!

Overall, very progressive techniques, loyal to the roots and extremely nutritious! Tanaman is the perfect
clash of old meets new: Ancient recipes prepared with modern methods and philosophies, in a futuristic
interior. A truly powerful dining experience, through vegan gastronomy, highly recommended!

Jalan Petitenget No.51B, Seminyak
Kuta Utara – Kabupaten Badung
Bali – 80361
+62 361 4737979

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