Authentic Argentinian Cuisine at Don Fernando

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Welcome to Argentina! And welcome to Don Fernando Bali, a restaurant that epitomizes the contemporary movement of classic Argentine cuisine with its genuine and alluring ambiance, in Canggu, Berawa.

This establishment might be familiar to you for its indulgent evenings, featuring an abundance of flames and smoky flavours emanating from the spacious central kitchen behind the bar, where all dishes are meticulously cooked and crafted to order. However, in a recent development, Chef Fernando and his culinary crew have been diligently toiling away around the clock in order to extend their hours of operation to include the midday mealtime.

The lunch menu is sufficiently condensed to offer numerous specialties from Chef Fernando, hence the name of the restaurant. Picoteos (starters), both hot and cold, sandwiches, mains, and desserts, all reflect the chef’s origin in this lunch selection.

The Pickled Beef Tongue with parsley and chopped green onion vinaigrette brought back memories of my grandfather, who used to prepare it with great care and attention. As a child, I found it irresistible, the same applied today to Fernando's recipe due to the tenderness of the meat, which easily fell apart when prodded with a fork. The Grilled Asparagus with Cured Duck Egg Yolk was delicious. The egg preparation was rich with a creamy consistency, and a much more intense flavour than a chicken egg.

Pickled Beef Tongue

The Black Onix Milanese, with Triple Cooked Potatoes and Aioli, was superb. Even if it looks simple, it's a dish that requires precise preparation, particularly in terms of breading and frying. The meat must be breaded properly and fried evenly to achieve consistent coloration and avoid dryness. And that’s exactly what I’ve received. A perfectly executed dish. Kudos to the chef!

Without a doubt, everything was impeccably prepared, but there's one dish that will make me come back again and again, the Skillet Duck Egg, Morcilla & Pangrattato. Morcilla is a rare delicacy, a must-try for all foodies. It has a distinctive texture and flavour that's truly unparalleled. Despite its controversial reputation as "blood sausage," this Argentinian delicatessen boasts an intense richness and dense consistency that keeps every bite exciting and unique.

Skillet Duck Egg, Morcilla & Pangrattato

Prepare yourself for an authentic taste of Argentinian cuisine that is unlike anything you have ever tried before. The country's gastronomy is full of surprises and at Don Fernando, they strive to prepare the best dishes while staying true to their cultural traditions. Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of tango, the taste of savoury meals, the richness of wine, or even the thrill of football, this is the perfect place to indulge in the flavours of South America.

Experienced May 2023

Don Fernando Bali
JL. Tegal Sari 41
80361 Bali - Berawa

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