Homey and comforting food from North-eastern China!

En Route to Canggu

If Bali offers a wide variety of cuisine, one of the less satisfying to me is Chinese cuisine. Having spent almost 15 years in the Middle Empire, I found the offer on the island too “Indonesian-ish”. Well, I have now found my go-to-place since Cha Ching Clan (CCC) opened its doors in Canggu, offering China North-eastern cuisine, known as Dongbei Cai.

Dongbei cuisine is a delicious but lesser-known Chinese cuisine that is influenced by the cookeries of Shandong, Manchu, Russia, Beijing, Mongolia, and North Korea. Because of the region's harsh winters and short growing seasons, Dongbei cuisine relies partly on preserved foods and large portions, and it’s recognized all over China for its rich flavours, distinct sweetness and saltiness, various ingredients, the intensity of cooking time and temperature, and crispiness and tenderness.

The chef's duo, both from China Dongbei province, is introducing the authentic cuisine of their homeland, with seafood and meat dishes that are true to the region. So go ahead and order as much variety as you can. Spicy Soy Salad, Honey Coated Pork, Pickle Beef Soup, etc. Don’t pass on the Shaokao section, consisting of BBQ meat on a stick (satay if you prefer), be it beef, chicken or the original lamb, grilled with a specific spice mixture. For those who are up for a challenge, try the Pig Intestine or the Charcoal Grilled Pork Feet!

Beef Sour Soup | Stir Fry Okra with Shimeji Mushroom

For a minimum of 4 pax, the Emperor Seafood Platter will indulge many. An assortment of crab, crayfish, oyster, clams, and angel hair noodles all in a broth, with each seafood delivering their distinct flavours. So yummy!

Emperor Seafood Platter | Lamb ShaoKao

For vegan-vegetarian looking for a rich and flavourful dish, the Northern Jade Okra stir-fried with shimeji mushroom and bean curd is highly recommended. Or, if you're looking for something lighter, the many grilled vegetables are also delicious choice. Whichever way you go, you're sure to enjoy a beautifully prepared repast.

For the first-timer at Cha Ching Clan, you are going to encounter all sorts of new experiences… but most importantly your taste buds will be taken to an enchanting new place. CCC has a vast variety of dishes with something for everyone. It has flavours that are both familiar but authentically new too. Most of all, it’s homey and comforting food for the soul.

Experienced February 2023

Cha Ching Clan Bali
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.8x
80361 Bali - Canggu

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