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En Route to Uluwattu - Dine & Wine Bali

If you're up for a foodie’s splurge for a special occasion or just another evening of opulence, one has to admit that the choice can be limited on our enchanting island. Thus, it is with a perpetual thrill and insatiable delight that we venture towards Uluwatu, to immerse ourselves in the culinary wonders of The Cave Bali, crafted by the masterful hands of Chef Ryan Clift, at The Edge Bali, launching its freshly unveiled gastronomic repertoire.

There is no need to expose the venue's inner sanctum, for we have already acquainted our esteemed food enthusiasts with its splendour in a previous Foodies Notes publication.

But, the latest menu creation, the sixth since its opening, extends the harmonious fusion of diverse cultures and tantalizing flavours, drawing inspiration from various culinary traditions that gracefully intertwine with every succulent course.

Chef Ryan Clift has once again ascended to new culinary heights, crafting a divine seven-course symphony (an alternative ten-course opus awaits) of contemporary gastronomy, harmoniously accompanied by the celestial union of optional wine and cocktail pairings crafted by F&B Manager Nyoman Suwindha who proudly earned the title of Bali's Junior Sommelier in 2017.

The dining experience commences of amuse-bouches including the Parmesan Beignet with its generous dollop of Kaviari’s Kristal Caviar from France, gracefully nestled on a tender and airy French fritter embellished with Bresaola. A truly poetic terre-mer fusion. We were filled with delight to behold the presence of the Tomato Water, a culinary masterpiece by Chef Ryan, still gracing the menu, evoking vivid memories of my infanthood. Afterwards, additional culinary creations adorn the tables, yet I leave it to your own exploration and revelation.

Parmesan Beignet at The Cave Bali by Chef Ryan Clift. Dine & Wine Bali - Spotlight En Route.
Parmesan Beignet

Presenting itself in all its glory is the Toothfish à la Viennoise. A masterpiece conceived by the talented Malaysian Head Chef Tay Chan Yong. The poached fish roasted with an herb-crust pinnacle gracefully rests atop a bed of white beans cassoulet bringing its earthy touch, and basted with a Pastis emulsion made like a beurre blanc but infused with the aniseed liqueur rather than white wine. Formidable!

Next came the pièce de résistance, the exquisite Wagyu Pithivier! A pithivier is a traditional French dish hailing from the Orléans region of France dating back to the 17th century. Naturally, Chef Clift paid homage to this timeless recipe with resounding success. The delectable and comforting jus Périgourdine (a Port wine-truffle jus) gracefully elevated the tantalizing combination of Grade 8 Wagyu, encased in a delicate puff pastry with mirepoix vegetables, luscious chicken liver-truffle mousse and napa cabbage. To further enhance the symphony of flavours, a velvety spinach purée sides the meat, sending herbal and refreshing chlorophyll essences to the palate.

Wagyu Pithivier at The Cave by Chef Ryan Clift. Dine & Wine Bali - Spotlight En Route.
Wagyu Pithivier

From the dessert duo, the most surprising is the Cherry Ripe. If you have visited Australia, you must have encountered the country’s oldest chocolate bars, created in 1927, consisting of cherries and coconut coated with dark chocolate. The chef's imaginative approach tantalizes the senses with a perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, and satisfying crunch. It is an utterly divine experience, leaving one in a state of sheer ecstasy.

Chef Ryan Clift's awe-inspiring culinary creations are a harmonious marriage of enchanting flavours and tantalizing textures, another demonstration of his boundless imagination and unparalleled mastery of culinary arts.

IDR 1.600.000++ 7-course set menu per person
IDR 3.000.000++ 7-course set menu with wine and cocktail pairing
IDR 2.150.000++ optional 10-course set menu
IDR 3.900.000++ optional 10-course set menu with wine and cocktail pairing

Experienced December 2023

The Cave Bali by Chef Ryan Clift
At The Edge Bali
Jl Pura Goa Lempeh, Pecatu
80361 Bali - Uluwatu

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