Soul-id Korean Culinary Haven at Seoul Soul Project Canggu

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Nowadays, countless establishments attempt to push the boundaries of creativity. However, it is rare to find such innovation within the realm of Korean cuisine. But located in the captivating neighbourhood of Padang Linjong, Seoul Soul Project Canggu is an exceptional gem that truly stands out. This humble haven radiates a genuine homestyle atmosphere, serving an exquisite range of authentic Korean delicacies that effortlessly capture the comforting flavours of a Korean mother's kitchen.

The combination of a white stone wall, K-Pop artist photographs displayed on a lengthy mirror, and a sleek bar illuminated with funky lighting results in a confidently modern and slick interior.

With unwavering confidence, Sol, the proud owner from Seoul, has meticulously brought forth his cherished family recipes. He presents an irresistible array of Korean delicacies, skilfully crafted with the finest imported ingredients from Korea. From the exquisite fermented gochujang to the meticulously prepared house-made kimchi, each dish exudes an unparalleled authenticity that will captivate your taste buds.

Starting off with the Mandu, whether steamed or fried, is a breeze. Mandu refers to Korean dumplings that are filled with a delectable savoury mixture and encased in thin dough. The steamed variation, specifically filled with pork, was absolutely delightful. Now, let's talk about the Soul Bul Chobob - it resembles sushi, but with a twist. The rice is topped with marinated Korean Hanwoo beef, which is then torched right at your table. The flavour of the meat is truly exceptional, combining the richness of Wagyu with the robustness of American Angus. Unlike Wagyu, Hanwoo has less fat but an intensified beefy taste. It's simply irresistible!

Indulge in the unparalleled flavour and excitement of creating your own delectable barbecued meat wraps with the Grandma Gyesook's Table. This Korean BBQ experience showcases top-quality meats perfectly complemented by Sol's signature sauce. Whether you choose the succulent Bulgogi (marinated beef brisket), or the flavourful Samgyup (marinated pork belly), each dish is accompanied by a daily assortment of banchan (vegetable side dishes), homemade kimchi, rice, and salad for a fun customizable combination of individual little barbecue "sandwiches" bursting into the mouth their tastes and textures.

Dine & Wine Bali Best Restaurants & Culinary Guide Bali Fine Seoul Soul Project Canggu Korean Cuisine Grandma Gyesooks
Grandma Gyesook's Table

Soju enthusiasts can rest assured that they will discover a plethora of expertly crafted cocktails featuring this beloved Korean distilled spirit. And for those who aren't particularly fond of soju, fear not, as there are numerous other delightful concoctions available to satisfy any palate, including an impressive array of organic tea-based options.

Immerse yourself in Korean culture by visiting this culinary haven, where you will undoubtedly experience an extraordinary dining adventure, completely devoid of pretentiousness. Every bite will transport you to a realm of unparalleled gastronomic bliss, making it a place that truly possesses a soul.

Experienced November 2023

Seoul Soul Project
Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No. 59
80361 Bali - Canggu

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