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En Route to Ubud

Kappa Senses Ubud Resort opened its doors to the public about a year ago with the philosophy of luxury at the forefront of its development. The “Epicurean Nests” is home to four eateries, each offering a different culinary concept. The latest addition is Kokokan Restaurant, a semi-gastronomic restaurant that serves up seasonal cuisine that is both delicious and sophisticated. The mastermind behind the menu is French Executive Chef Thierry Schuller, who pays homage to the terroir of Bali and French gastronomy.

Chef Thierry, after having worked in several prestigious restaurants in France and southeast Asia, sets down his suitcases in Bali a few years back. His passion for cooking and his know-how is sure to make your taste buds travel.

Kokokan features indoor and outdoor seating and boasts a Bar serving unique concoctions by their creative and experienced mixologist. Double pleasure, in your plates, plus the enchanting scene of the rice paddies at your feet, that illuminates the majestic terrace and there you will enjoy your drinks peacefully facing nature. Gastronomy and the art of living go hand in hand, with an elegant interior and delightful menu offering an array of options, from à-la-carte to degustation menus of 3, 4, or 6 courses, with optional wine pairing.

No matter what you choose, you're sure to enjoy a wonderful meal. All dishes are prepared with fresh, meticulously sourced ingredients with a lot of them coming from their on-site permaculture garden. The locally sourced Poached Oysters with Basil Jelly, Tomato Sherbet with a Basil Touch, Mint and Spice Mango Caviar, Shallot Pickles on Crispy Sourdough, and Seaweed in iced steam were presented in a way that was reminiscent of a movie scene, with its smoke cloud adding to the effect.

The poultry course is Chef Thierry’s tribute to one of its mentors, Paul Haeberlin, a renowned French chef from the highly acclaimed Auberge de l'Ill in Alsace, awarded 3-star Michelin in 1967. The revisited Roasted Pigeon stuffed with Dordogne Duck Liver is served with Bali Kale, Truffle Juice, and Mousseline of Baby Potatoes. So delicate and stylish! The Blackcurrant Stuffed Chocolate Dome is the perfect dessert. The chocolate truffle and blackcurrant sherbet on the side provide a punchy chocolate taste, offset by the sweetness of the red fruit.

The dinner was outstanding. It was presented in a very appealing way, with rich flavours that really tantalized the senses. The setting is also very nice, with a pleasant terrace for the aperitif and an elegant dining room. The service was excellent, with friendly and helpful staff, making the overall experience wonderful.

If you're looking for a sophisticated and elegant place to enjoy a meal, look no further than Kokokan. The restaurant offers a unique and sophisticated dining experience that is perfect for those who appreciate quality food and elegant surroundings.

Experienced February 2023

Kokokan Restaurant
Kappa Senses Ubud
Jl. Taman Sari, Kedewatan
80571 Bali Ubud

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