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People who love food always favor more dining choices. Well-prepared, tasty, good home cooking that makes you glad you stepped out of your own kitchen. For foodies like us, it’s the ultimate dream: checking out the latest gourmet trends, the newest destinations, the best value-for-money offers, introducing a Chef and above all, sharing the experience of Bali's Best Restaurants. Sense the flavors, perceive the food & feel the vibe before digging in! Hopefully, our notes will have you slobber and dare for new experiences.

  • A Neighbourhood Vibe Like in Italy

    It’s not because of the restricted restaurant options in Berawa that Milano Restaurant & Bar is busy every night. It has everything to do with warm, welcoming service, generous portions of Italian cuisine, an impressive selection of wines, and a funky bar with awesome cocktail selection and Gourmet Nibbles Menus. And a neighbourhood vibe like in Italy.

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  • Escoffier Week in Bali

    The Disciples Escoffier International APAC delegations pledged to uphold the founding values of the Association and to continue sharing and transferring knowledge and passion for French cuisine and cooking techniques. The Bali Escoffier Week was a great success from start to finish, with instructive encounters and discussions, culminating in a lavish culinary experience.

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  • Reverence for Tradition with Creative Impulse

    There are a ton of Italian restaurants in Bali, but few like Gioja Italian Restaurant. First of all, its location. Hidden in a remote area of Ubud, the final access is limited to bikes or by foot. Once you get in, the place is cosy and vibey. Its warm, high-ceilinged, exposed beam surrounded by tan-coloured brick wall, with a lush garden and a pool, gives the space...

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  • Ode to Gastronomy

    Ubud restaurant Apéritif is a big-ticket commitment, but Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and his team make a powerful case for keeping the high-end category kicking, recently launching the new Prestige Menu, a 7 to 9-course set, getting even more adventurous and original than before. Of course, the Signature Menu is still available, and revamped, since our previous Foodie’s Notes in 2020. The meal lasts about 3 hours but time seems to stand still there, maybe due to the interior, a reminiscence of the colonial era.

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  • Primeval Surrounding - Avant-Garde Cuisine

    Located underground, the last place you wouldn’t expect to have a fine dining experience, here is The Cave by Chef Ryan Clift, at The Edge, in Pecatu, Uluwatu! Just imagine having your lunch or dinner at more than 10 meters below ground, surrounded by stalactites formed thousands of years ago, in a large and spacious room with high ceilings...

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