Know Your Champagne at Your Fingertips!

If I say Champagne, you say? Partyyyyyyy! As the festive season is approaching, the Champagne Masterclass
at Metis Restaurant, orchestrated by Eric Tirabassi, publisher of, was more than welcome
to get a wider understanding of the greatest beverage on the planet, and also, a better clue on what to order
for the coming celebrations, or any other given day.

Four prestigious Maisons de Champagne introduced scrumptiously; Billecart-Salmon, Barons De Rothschild,
Pol Roger and Jacquesson - all Brut Non-Vintage -, over a 3-hour entertaining and educational session, with
plenty of historical and hysterical anecdotes on the most cherished wine. Before the first round of tasting,
Eric introduced the basics of Champagne, explaining the chronicle change over the years, the production and
technical side, the difference occurring within the four Houses, and many fun and glamour facts, like how to
open, with elegance and grace, a bottle.

Champagne master Eric Tirabassi

The most fundamental things to remember is that to be called Champagne it has to be produced in the
Champagne region of France. Wines made in this method – Méthode Champenoise- produced outside of
Champagne, are just sparkling wine. The primary grapes used in Champagne production are Chardonnay,
Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, with most Champagne being a blend of grapes, vintages, and vineyards.
The key, for the majority of labels, is to create a consistent wine, year after year, except, maybe, for their
“vintage or specific cuvée.”

Food pairing by Chef Doudou & Chef Dove

Certified Champagne connoisseurs!

I will not share my tasting notes, but I can say that the order of my preferred Champagne has changed
during the evening - same for my fellow “students”- either drank on its own or according to the food pairing.
Talking about food, Chef Doudou and Executive Chef Dove have once more blew us up with an immaculate
selection of fare, created especially for the occasion, pairing impeccably with the wines.

Even if you think you know your Champagne at your fingertips, Metis’ Champagne Masterclass is highly
recommended. Nothing better than to enjoy some bubbles and learn at the same time. The next gathering
should be sometime in February. To keep track of it, to our mailing list and/or visit our upcoming

Our warmest wishes for a bubbly holiday season & new year!

© - December 2018

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