Home Delicacies

  • AppleNCo - Sweet Crafted Apple Delicacies

    Fervent about baking and adoring apple, she created Apple & Co to share “The joy of eating Apple” in many different ways.

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  • Dapur Mama Ica - Sweets & Pastry

    Whether you may need a birthday cake or you are a simple dessert lover. Dapur Mama Ica has a lot of sweet varieties to choose from.

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  • Gomak Food - Ikan Teri Medan Delicacies

    Specialized in Ikan Teri Medan (fried sun-dried anchovies), prepared in various ways, from snack to sambal, it perfectly accompanies your lunch & dinner with a deep & rich fish flavour.

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  • Nooma Deli - Mediterranean Delicacies

    Rini created Nooma Deli a few months ago, a micro-business dedicated to her passion for cooking. Influenced by many cuisines, be it traditional, modern, vegan, Mediterranean, Indonesian and other, she offers a colourful variety of tastes using only fresh ingredients.

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  • Three Brothers Bali - Infused Arak

    Three Brothers Bali has developed more than 10 different flavors, from several local products such as pandan, passion fruit, rosella, and some more remarkable concoction like the cold-brew Kintamani coffee or the premium Negroni aroma.

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